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Every automotive shop will change your oil, but at Imports Plus we don't just change your oil. With ... [More] every oil change service we also do a 32 point inspection so that you get a report of your vehicle's health on every service every time. We do this inspection so that you know what's good, what needs attention, and what could be coming in the future. Proper maintenance can prevent breakdowns and additional costs later. We don't do a 10 minute oil change, but we will help you keep your vehicle in shape and keep you aware of what can be done to extend your vehicle's life. ... [Less]
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Just let us know when making the appointment and we'll make it happen. ... [Less]

Brakes Repair and Service in Irmo, SC

Brakes Repair and Service in Irmo, SC

The main safety system of your vehicle is its brakes. When you have to stop, there should not be any doubt that the brakes are going to operate properly. Whether you are cruising through the city from red light to red light or if you are slowing down for an offramp, your brakes should be working smoothly and reliably. The team of qualified mechanics at Imports Plus, LLC will ensure your automobile comes to a complete stop when it should.

The brakes of all vehicles are designed to wear down. Brake shoes and pads are made of friction material, which is softer than the brake drums and rotors that they press against. Over time, countless stops, and thousands of miles, the friction material wears away and has to be replaced. It’s what you typically refer to as a brake job.

However, apart from brake pad replacement, there’s more to brake repairs. Brake drums and rotors could become warped and cause vibration or shimmy. Brake lines and hoses may become damaged and a leak may come about. Also, your vehicle’s ABS light may come on, indicating an alarming concern for safe driving.

Whether you have experienced one or more of these symptoms or any other concern regarding your auto’s brakes, Imports Plus, LLC in Irmo, SC is the right choice for all your brake repairs and services.

Your safety is the main priority when it comes to brakes. That’s why you’ll get top-shelf OEM and aftermarket parts for all necessary brake repairs. Should you require a routine brake fluid change, a replacement brake caliper, brake pads and rotors for your high-performance vehicle, or economical brakes for your high-mileage automobile, we take care of it all.

At Imports Plus, LLC in Irmo, SC, you will always receive skilled and experienced services and repairs from highly-trained technicians. Our staff members perform brake repairs and services on all makes and models of vehicles. You can be confident in our abilities. Schedule your next brake repair or service appointment with us today!