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Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light

When your check engine light (or CEL) comes on, don’t dismiss it! It’s your vehicle’s way of notifying you that something is amiss, and you should head to Imports Plus in Irmo, SC, for check engine light diagnostics. Many busy drivers may believe they have time to investigate the issue, but this is a mistake. An illuminated CEL is not a time to panic. However, it is time to contact our ASE-Certified technicians so we can pinpoint the problem and give you an honest diagnosis. While a loose gas cap may trigger the light, other more severe issues could exist. Conversely, a flashing CEL warns you to pull over to a safe space and turn off the car immediately. Call us at (803) 781-6259 for instructions on what to do next or towing services. Once you’re at our auto repair shop, we’ll perform a check engine light diagnostic to produce a trouble code that will lead us to the problem. Other signs your engine is in trouble include a rough idle, reduced power, hard starting, misfiring, and reduced fuel efficiency. Anytime you suspect trouble, reach out because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Your Engine Performance Authorities

Your vehicle has various sensors that may trigger the CEL, ranging from engine to emissions, safety, comfort, and technology. At Imports Plus, our certified pros are trained to perform check engine light diagnostics to pinpoint the problem quickly. Our thorough inspection helps determine the appropriate auto repair service through fault codes. Whether it’s worn-out spark plugs, bad O2 or mass airflow sensors, a vacuum leak, or a catalytic converter problem, we have the expertise to handle it. Don’t wait until you’re driving along, the dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree, and your car goes into limp mode. Then, get to a safe location and call us for towing services. Early detection is the best defense for avoiding major engine repairs. We always recommend coming in for a routine oil change to stay ahead of breakdowns. This is one of the cheapest ways to ensure the safety and reliability of your car. When you need check engine light diagnostics, look to our team to give you the service you deserve!

Schedule Check Engine Light Diagnostics

A lit check engine light can be stressful for most drivers, but Imports Plus in Irmo, SC, alleviates your worries. With our comprehensive and hassle-free check engine light diagnostics, we’ll identify the problem and provide you with an accurate estimate for auto repairs. Our certified pros will work with precision using premium parts and fluids and repairing your import or domestic to OEM standards. Count on us to fix it right the first time and back our work with a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty. To schedule a check engine light diagnostics, call us at (803) 781-6259. Then add us to your contact list, so we’re just a few taps away when you need us. Our location at 10241 Broad River Road Irmo, SC 29063 has a WiFi-equipped waiting area and provides after-hours drop-off/pick-up. Ask about our repair financing for more extensive auto services outside the budget. As the leading provider of automotive services in the area, we look forward to earning your trust and adding you to our long list of valued customers.